Veg Camp Program


The camp program fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of the connections between the Earth, animals, and humans. The program is designed by educators and Ontario Certified Teachers. The program is divided into three sections, Peace InPeace Out, and Outdoor Education:

Peace In

Peace In reminds us to be self-aware and practice being peaceful on the inside by calming our mind and body. Having Peace In, translates to peacefulness and compassion in other aspects of life.  Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are introduced in fun and interactive activities as a way to practice Peace In. By Day 5, campers begin to lead one another in simple Peace In exercises. By leading others, campers improve their own understanding of Peace In and hopefully carry some of the ideas to their home life.

Peace Out

Peace Out reminds us to practice being peaceful on the outside by controlling our words and actions, increasing awareness, and making informed choices in our daily life.  Peace Out session topics change every camp depending on what is current and relevant for youth in the given year. Topics relate to being peaceful For Earth, For Animals and For Us. 

 Examples of Peace Out topics include: 

For Earth Topics

Climate Change
Plastics in the Ocean
Mindful Consumption

For Animals Topics

Animal Rights
Why be Veg?
Compassionate Cooking

For Us Topics

Fair Trade
Social Justice

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education develops nature appreciation, interpersonal skills, and self-confidence within camper.   Outdoor Education includes high/low ropes challenge courses, hiking, archery, and rock climbing. Each activity is followed by an insightful debrief.  By taking on Outdoor Education challenges, campers develop useful skills to make positive change For Earth, For Animals and For Us.

 Education includes: 

Leadership Skills

Communication Skills
Team-Building Skills
Problem Solving Skills

Teaching Method

Sessions are interactive, experiential, and promote critical thinking. Campers are encouraged to explore new ideas, discuss in groups, reflect, and draw their own conclusions.



Campers learn about different types of arrows and bows, and use focus and concentration to meet their target.

Eco Workshops

​​Campers enjoy engaging, hands-on eco workshops, learning about ecology and sustainability.


With 263 acres to hike and experienced guide, campers will find natural treasures exploring the forest and trails.

Open Learning Forums

Open forums explore the connections between us, animals and the environment. Approved by Ontario Certified Teachers, the forums are age-appropriate, interactive and engaging.

Arts & Crafts

Campers get some options to create nature based crafts like dream catchers, hanging-planters, eco-house models, and others.

Organic Farming

Campers will get a chance to be a part of an organic farm, learn where their food comes from and enjoy their harvest together.


Journaling gives campers time to think about all that they have learnt throughout the day. We provide each camper with journals and pencils.


Away from the city lights, campers enjoy the wonders of nightsky. On a clear night we find major constellations, and maybe the milky way or a shooting star!

Camp Fires

​​A camp favourite! Crazy campfire songs, skits and stories under the stars! (If we're lucky, we roast vegan marshmallows too!)

Team Games​​

Through large group games, team sports and quiet games in the lounge, counsellors foster friendships amongst campers.

Low Ropes​

Low ropes elements are perfect to encourage cooperation, communication skills, and self-confidence.


Campers enjoy a big swimming pool to cool off in with lifeguards on duty.

Climbing Wall

A great challenge for all campers. We have two possible routes with varying difficulty levels. Climbers are able to push themselves to climb all the way to the top!

High Ropes

​​Campers work together to reach high height encouraging team work, trust building, & problem solving.

​​Meditation & Mindfulness

Through simple games and techniques, campers learn how to meditate, improve concentration, and increase self-awareness.

YOGA Everyday

Yoga improves strength, flexibility, stamina and concentration. Our yoga instructor teaches campers fun and comfortable yoga routines they can practice at home.


7:30 am

Wake Up Bell


Breakfast – Our camp chef starts our day with a nutritious and tasty breakfast!


Open Learning Forum – Campers engage in interesting and inspiring workshops on the connections between us, animals and the environment.


Yoga – A good stretch under the trees or in our recreation hall gets campers ready for the adventures after lunch.


Lunch – Another hearty meal prepared by our dedicated chef.


Adventure Activity 1st Rotation – In small groups, campers rotate between outdoor adventure activities including high ropes, low ropes, climbing wall, archery or other activity. In a group debrief after each activity, campers and counsellors discuss how to improve cooperation, strengthen communication and create a cohesive team.


Adventure Activity 2nd Rotation – After a short water break, campers set off for their second rotation of outdoor adventure activities.


Free Choice – Large Group Activity / Quiet time – Campers can sign up for their favourite activity: swim time, arts & crafts, team sports, scavenger hunt, nature hike, or quiet time enjoying the view with counsellors.


Dinner – After an active afternoon, camper feast on a delicious filling meal of healthy goodness!


Evening Program, Large Group Game – Campers are busy in a collective indoor puzzle game that involve brain power, team work and creative energies!


Sunset Meditation – Campers relax and breathe while watching the sun set into and listening to the sounds of nature.


Snack Time and Campfire/Stargazing/Night Hike/Games night – Campers enjoy a healthy snack and enjoy some night time fun singing at the campfire or going for a night exploration of the forest trails. Spontaneous talent shows are not uncommon!


Dorm Time – Campers return to their dorms with their counsellor. Counsellors check-in with campers, find out how their day was, play dorm games and call it a night.


The LIT program is open to campers going into grade 11 or 12.

In addition to the camp curriculum, LITs will attend 3-hour certification workshop specific to leadership and team building offered by YMCA Cedar Glen and Vegetarian Eco Camp.

**The LIT program will run assuming there is a sufficient number of interested campers.**

Themes may include:

– Group Dynamics
– Leadership
– Effective Communication
– Conflict Resolution
– Event Planning
– Problem Solving

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